Cactus Greenhouse

The BGRJ Cactus Greenhouse has one of the largest exotic species collections in Brazil. There are, approximately, 400 species distributed in 69 genres from 9 families in a 0,5 hectare area.



Alberto Loefgren organized the first collection of epiphyte cactus in 1910. The other collections were obtained through the seed and cutting exchange between institutions, societies, collectors and scientific expeditions.

The present Cactus Greenhouse was created during the administration of Paulo Campos Porto (1931-38), with the care of Otto Voll, who began the exotic species collection with the help of C. Backeberg.

In 1992, the collection was increased in many specimens from the Brazilian Flora, Mexico and other American countries.The Project for the Reorganization and Maintenance of the Cactus Greenhouse is still being prepared.

Photos: Sandra Faillace






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